DAV Mid-Winter Conferences Illuminate Issues Affecting Veterans



Bread of the Mighty to Host Sixth Annual Empty Bowls Event

Bread of the Mighty pic
Bread of the Mighty
Image: breadofthemighty.org

From 2008 to 2012, Christopher Dabney served as an infantry rifleman and team leader with the US Marine Corps in Camp Pendleton, California. An ongoing advocate for disabled veterans, Christopher Dabney has also volunteered at the Florida-based nonprofit organization Bread of the Mighty Food Bank.

This coming April, Bread of the Mighty will be hosting its sixth annual Empty Bowls Event at Trinity United Methodist Church. The event, which has since been popularized by many food banks, originated with a high school teacher who wanted to raise funds for a food drive at his school. In supporting the fundraising project, students crafted handmade clay bowls and provided soup and bread to guests, who were encouraged to retain their bowls as a reminder of world hunger.

The 2016 Bread of the Mighty Empty Bowls Event welcomed more than 400 guests and garnered more than $76,000 in donations. Sponsors and supporters included schools, churches, nonprofit agencies, and local businesses.

Volunteering with Disabled American Veterans

Disabled American Veterans pic
Disabled American Veterans
Image: dav.org

A former analyst intern at the Marine International Petroleum Company Inc., Christopher Dabney recently completed his bachelor’s education at the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business. Prior to starting school, Christopher Dabney spent four years serving with the USMC and he now donates every month to Disabled American Veterans.

To help it provide its wide range of opportunities, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) relies heavily on volunteers. There are three main ways volunteers can support DAV: helping at a local VA hospital, driving veterans to appointments, or helping veterans with basic tasks. Van volunteers ensure that veterans have access to VA hospitals and important treatment regardless of whether they live in a rural or urban area. Meanwhile, hospital volunteers handle such tasks as escorting patients and participating in recreational programs, and veteran assistance volunteers run errands for veterans, do yard work, or fill various other needs.

With all the help its volunteers offer, DAV is sure to show them its appreciation. Exemplary volunteer service earns volunteers recognition through DAV’s Volunteer Recognition Program, but the organization also goes beyond that. In an effort to promote youth involvement, the organization offers the Jesse Brown Memorial Youth Scholarship program. This program grants student volunteers up to $20,000 to fund their higher education, along with an expense-paid trip to DAV National Convention where they receive the award. For non-student volunteers, the organization awards the George H. Seal Memorial Trophy to honor above-and-beyond service.

Malaysia’s Penang National Park

Penang National Park pic
Penang National Park
Image: tripadvisor.com

A veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps as an infantry team leader, Christopher Dabney has transitioned to the financial sector and recently worked as a credit analyst intern at Ameris Bank in Gainesville, Florida. Christopher Dabney enjoys travel and has visited many different countries around the globe, including Malaysia.

Bisected by the South China Sea, Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country with a wide range of offerings for tourists: lively cities, colonial architecture, and biodiverse nature. Travel website Lone Planet has listed a number of interesting sights found in Malaysia, and topping the list is Penang National Park.

Only 2,300 hectares in area, Penang National Park is the smallest and one of the newest national parks in Malaysia, having attained national park status in 2003. However, the park is already considered the tourist highlight of Penang, offering challenging jungle trails and some of the country’s most quiet and beautiful beaches. Some portions of Penang National Park are of historical significance, as they still contain trenches that were dug in World War II – remnants of Malaysia’s occupation by the Japanese during the war.

The Bloomberg Essentials Training Program


Bloomberg Essentials Training Program pic
Bloomberg Essentials Training Program
Image: bloomberg.com

Marine Veteran Christopher Dabney recently graduated with a degree in finance from the University of Florida. His leadership experience within the military and his professional internships have uniquely prepared him for a career within the financial world. As part of his coursework, Christopher Dabney completed the Bloomberg Essentials Training Program.

The Bloomberg Essentials Training Program, also known as BESS, was created to help finance professionals learn to navigate and access essential information within the Bloomberg software. Within the program, participants watch a series of videos that train them on both the core elements of the software as well as specialized components.

In order to receive an official acknowledgement of completion, participants must complete each of the four core modules (Getting Started, Bloomberg News, Market Monitors and Launchpad, and API) and score a 75 percent on the exam. Then, they must take one or more of the training modules and accompanying exam in the Market Sector section (Equity, Fixed Income, FX, or Commodity).

Each module within the Bloomberg Essentials Training Program takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. Participants should plan on spending between six and eight hours to complete the entire program.

DAV Helps Veterans Find Employment

Disabled American Veterans Organization pic
Disabled American Veterans Organization
Image: dav.org

Christopher Dabney, a recent recipient of a bachelors of science in finance from the University of Florida, has a wide breadth of experience. As a member of the United States Marine Corps, Christopher Dabney served in Afghanistan as a team leader. In this position he was responsible for leading and training a team of marines, ensuring that they were mentally and physically prepared for high-stress situations. In an effort to support fellow veterans, Christopher Dabney began supporting the Disabled American Veterans organization.

The Disabled American Veterans organization (DAV) strives to connect disabled veterans with the resources and services that are available to them through various government programs. Each year, it serves over one million veterans and their families, helping them to live high quality lives with respect and dignity. Connecting veterans with meaningful employment is a key service provided by the DAV.

Veterans and transitioning military service members, as well as their spouses, can utilize the employment services provided by the DAV. Each year, the DAV, in conjunction with Recruit Military and Veteran Recruiting, hosts a number nationwide career fairs that connect veterans with employers. Representatives from well-known corporations, such as Verizon, Xerox, Pep Boys, and Aetna, attend the fairs, actively looking to hire veterans. The organization also works to provide tools and resources to those looking for jobs.

Disabled American Veterans – Dedicated to Veteran and Family Support

Disabled American Veterans Organization pic
Disabled American Veterans Organization
Image: dav.org

A recent graduate of the University of Florida and former credit analyst intern with Ameris Bank, Christopher Dabney devotes time and resources to philanthropic and community oriented causes. Among these, Christopher Dabney has volunteered with Disabled American Veterans, a non-profit organization headquartered in Cold Spring, Kentucky.

Since its inception in 1920, Disabled American Veterans has aided veterans in obtaining the resources and support guaranteed them for their time in service. Professional assistance is available to both veterans and families of veterans with regard to obtaining the total amount of support and services due. This is accomplished by interfacing with the Department of Veterans Affairs as well as Congress and all levels of the legal system, from state and local governments on up.

Disabled American Veterans also reaches out to communities of veterans across the United States, forming community volunteer groups emphasizing compassion and respect. To learn more about how to volunteer, visit www.dav.org.

A Beginner’s Guide to Spearfishing


Spearfishing pic
Image: spearfishingtips.com

Christopher Dabney recently graduated with a bachelor of science in business administration from the University of Florida. Away form his studies and internships, Christopher Dabney enjoys spearfishing.

Spearfishing is a form of hunting humans have been practicing for thousands of years. Cave paintings, ancient texts, and critical archaeological dig sites all point to spearfishing as a sport, art, and means of obtaining sustenance well before the dawn of recorded history.

Today, the practice has gained popularity and attraction as an exhilarating sport. As such, it’s important for beginners to understand a few facts about how best to prepare for a spearfishing expedition.

First, make sure to obtain all the appropriate fishing licensure from you state and county officials. Regulations and seasons vary from state to state, so be sure to check up on the particularities of your state’s regulatory statutes. Secondly, the speargun itself. It’s advisable for beginners to curb the temptation to purchase the biggest and most powerful speargun and start spearfishing with a smaller, more controllable speargun. And finally, a wetsuit and some swimming and snorkeling gear is essential. Spearfishers spend much their sport in water, which can quickly lead to hypothermia or other conditions without properly insulated gear.

Real Estate Appraisal Methods

Real Estate Appraisal Methods pic
Real Estate Appraisal Methods
Image: homebuying.about.com

Prior to graduating from the University of Florida with his BSBA in finance, Christopher Dabney did an internship as a credit analyst at Ameris Bank in Gainesville, Florida. While there, Christopher Dabney appraised and evaluated real estate parcels using the methods of both market and income approach.

The market and income approach methods represent two out of three commonly used real estate appraisal models. Below is a brief description of each method.

The market approach is sometimes called the sales comparison method. This approach determines the value of a property by looking at past sales (within a year) of similar properties. The value will be determined by analyzing the price of a comparable property sold under typical market conditions.

The income approach analyzes the ability of a rental property, such as an apartment building or condominium, to generate income. The value of the real estate is based on its ability to produce an economic benefit to the owner, taking factors such as vacancy and rent collection losses into account.

Top Attractions in East Timor

Resistance Museum pic
Resistance Museum
Image: tripadvisor.com

Christopher Dabney is a former infantry team leader with the U.S. Marine Corps. Having recently graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s in finance, he has a unique blend of knowledge and practical experience in the field. Outside of his professional endeavors, Christopher Dabney has traveled to such countries as East Timor.

Visitors to East Timor, also called Timor-Leste, have the opportunity to enjoy everything from breathtaking scenery to interesting traditions. Below are just some of the country’s top attractions:

Atauro Island

Perfect for diving and snorkeling, Atauro Island is located roughly 18 miles away from Dili. The island was originally used as a jail and is a calm respite from the bustling city of Dili. Visitors can enjoy the reefs that circle much of the island or walk through traditional villages along various trails.

Resistance Museum

Located in Dili, the Resistance Museum details East Timor’s fight for independence. Through timelines, photographs, and weapon exhibits, visitors learn about the Indonesian occupation in the country and how the Falintil resistance fought back. The museum also features antique textiles and pottery from different districts.

Mount Ramelau

Rising around 3,000 meters above sea level, Mount Ramelau, or Tatamailau, is a popular destination for hikers. However, it is not a trip to make on a whim. The tallest mountain in all of East Timor, weather on the mountain can quickly go from sunny to foggy, and it can rain at any time. For the best chance of clear views hike during the dry season, which is from May to November.