Important Safety Tips for Skiers and Snowboarders

Safety Tips pic
Safety Tips

Christopher Dabney, a former infantry rifleman and team leader in the United States Marine Corps, has spent time as an analyst intern and credit analyst intern with the Marine International Petroleum Company, Inc., and Ameris Bank, respectively. Beyond his activities as an analyst, Christopher Dabney enjoys playing rugby and skiing.

There are a number of practices and behaviors that skiers and snowboarders can use to minimize the risk of injury or collision with other riders. Many accidents on the trail can be avoided simply by respecting the right-of-way of other riders. Skiers and snowboarders further down the mountain always have the right-of-way, and it is the responsibility of oncoming riders to maintain a safe distance.

Despite having the right-of-way, riders progressing down the mountain should never stop in the middle of a trail or in any place where they jeopardize the safety of other riders. It is each individual’s duty to maintain control of speed and direction, but riders cannot always plan for another person suddenly appearing in the middle of the field. Similarly, when merging onto a new trail or when first beginning a descent, riders should take stock of their surroundings and the activities of any nearby riders.

Finally, riders should look out for one another whenever they can safely do so. For example, if another rider’s ski pole or snowboard is falling down the mountain, riders should attempt to stop the runaway piece of equipment. This is not only helpful but can also prevent the equipment from hurting someone further down the hill. Riders should only make such an attempt with their own devices rather than with their body.


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