Bread of the Mighty to Host Sixth Annual Empty Bowls Event

Bread of the Mighty pic
Bread of the Mighty

From 2008 to 2012, Christopher Dabney served as an infantry rifleman and team leader with the US Marine Corps in Camp Pendleton, California. An ongoing advocate for disabled veterans, Christopher Dabney has also volunteered at the Florida-based nonprofit organization Bread of the Mighty Food Bank.

This coming April, Bread of the Mighty will be hosting its sixth annual Empty Bowls Event at Trinity United Methodist Church. The event, which has since been popularized by many food banks, originated with a high school teacher who wanted to raise funds for a food drive at his school. In supporting the fundraising project, students crafted handmade clay bowls and provided soup and bread to guests, who were encouraged to retain their bowls as a reminder of world hunger.

The 2016 Bread of the Mighty Empty Bowls Event welcomed more than 400 guests and garnered more than $76,000 in donations. Sponsors and supporters included schools, churches, nonprofit agencies, and local businesses.


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