Malaysia’s Penang National Park

Penang National Park pic
Penang National Park

A veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps as an infantry team leader, Christopher Dabney has transitioned to the financial sector and recently worked as a credit analyst intern at Ameris Bank in Gainesville, Florida. Christopher Dabney enjoys travel and has visited many different countries around the globe, including Malaysia.

Bisected by the South China Sea, Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country with a wide range of offerings for tourists: lively cities, colonial architecture, and biodiverse nature. Travel website Lone Planet has listed a number of interesting sights found in Malaysia, and topping the list is Penang National Park.

Only 2,300 hectares in area, Penang National Park is the smallest and one of the newest national parks in Malaysia, having attained national park status in 2003. However, the park is already considered the tourist highlight of Penang, offering challenging jungle trails and some of the country’s most quiet and beautiful beaches. Some portions of Penang National Park are of historical significance, as they still contain trenches that were dug in World War II – remnants of Malaysia’s occupation by the Japanese during the war.